Satellite component manufacturing

  • Metal processing
  • 3D printing
  • Electronics manufacturing facility
  • Cable manufacturing facility
  • Screen-vacuum thermal insulation facility (our customers include companies like Oneweb Neosat)
  • Solar sensor manufacturing

Metal processing

Sheet material processing, mechanical treatment, assembling and welding sites perform

  • high precision treatment and parts manufacturing
  • manufacturing of dies, press-forms, equipment and associated tooling
  • heat treatment, quenching, hardening, conversion coating
  • bending, cutting, coordinate punching, grinding, welding
  • 3D printing from metal powders
  • chemical analysis and technical control
  • environmental and mechanical testing etc

3D printing site

A system that works with any high-quality metal powder with a melting point of up to 3500C:

  • manufacturing of various parts of high-quality metal
  • applying the technology of additive laser melting

Electronics manufacturing facilities

The workshop carries out manufacturing, assembling and testing of electronics and includes:

  • solder paste applying, melting
  • SMD components installation
  • wave soldering of TNT components
  • repairing, optional x-ray, quality checking etc


Harness workshop covers space systems, ground equipment, aviation, transport, and executes:

  • cable cutting
  • soldering
  • crimp contact and connectors
  • electrical tests
  • quality control checks

Screen-vacuum thermo insulation

Production of multi-layers insulation that ensures required temperature conditions of the spacecraft includes:

  • cutting
  • packing
  • edging
  • installation Velcro technology
  • installation of grounding system
  • quality control checks

Solar sensors

The site for solar sensors production is designed to assemble sensors that ensure spacecraft orientation. The production process includes:

  • harness system configuration
  • electrical and mechanical installation
  • mechanical coating
  • gluing elements, applying varnish
  • quality control checks