Satellite Design, Manufacturing, Components and Testing facilities

JV of Airbus Defence & Space and Kazakhstan Space Agency

Testing facilities for satellites up to 6000 kg
Integrated complex of satellite manufacturing - from design to pre-launch tests
Fast tracking of all procedures

A team of experts

Qualified specialists

Specialists trained by Airbus, Latelec, Cetim, Laroche, DMG MORI, SSTL and other leading European enterprises

ISO standardization

The Company's quality management system complying with ISO 9001: 2015 requirements

  • development of subsystems and components: nano, micro and large class
  • design of Earth remote sensing systems, optomechanical instruments and high precision systems
  • development of ground segments, software and hardware, high-reliability systems, onboard control systems
  • re-engineering
  • technical audit of special purpose systems
  • analysis of complex systems and projects - system, mechanical, electrical, radiation, radio frequency etc
  • 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis

Spacecraft Manufacturing

Modern factory launched in 2014

Satellite component manufacturing

  • Metal processing
  • 3D printing
  • Electronics manufacturing facility
  • Cable manufacturing facility
  • Screen-vacuum thermal insulation facility (our customers include companies like OneWeb Neosat)
  • Sun sensor manufacturing

Metal processing

Sheet material processing, mechanical treatment, assembling and welding sites perform:

  • high precision treatment and parts manufacturing
  • manufacturing of dies, press-forms, equipment and associated tooling
  • heat treatment, quenching, hardening, conversion coating
  • bending, cutting, coordinate punching, grinding, welding
  • 3D printing from metal powders
  • chemical analysis and technical control
  • environmental and mechanical testing etc

3D printing site

A system that works with any high-quality metal powder with a melting point of up to 3500C:

  • manufacturing of various parts of high-quality metal
  • applying the technology of additive laser melting

Electronics manufacturing facilities

The workshop carries out manufacturing, assembling and testing of electronics and includes:

  • solder paste applying, melting
  • SMD components installation
  • wave soldering of TNT components
  • repairing, optional x-ray, quality control etc


Harness workshop covers space systems, ground equipment, aviation, transport, and executes:

  • cable cutting
  • soldering
  • crimp contact and connectors
  • electrical tests
  • quality control

Screen-vacuum thermal insulation

Production of multi-layers insulation that ensures required temperature conditions of the spacecraft includes:

  • cutting
  • packing
  • edging
  • installation Velcro technology
  • installation of grounding system
  • quality control

Sun sensors

The site for sun sensors production is designed to assemble sensors that ensure spacecraft orientation. The production process includes:

  • harness system configuration
  • electrical and mechanical installation
  • mechanical coating
  • gluing elements, applying varnish
  • quality control

Testing plant

that allow for full pre-launch testing of satellites ranging from CubeSats up to 6,000 kg
  • TestLab, mechanical and thermal analysis testing laboratory
  • Optical laboratory
  • Thermal-vacuum test site
  • Electromagnetic compatibility test site
  • Vibration test site
  • Radio frequency test site
  • Acoustic test site
  • Measuring site for spacecraft mass and inertia properties

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CEO, Founder:
Artyom Slessarenko
Head of Business Development:
Katherine Alabina
Zip code:
D. Konayev st., 12/1, Astana, Kazakhstan