Global market launch for Spacetech technology and solutions

What we do

Business Development

Global market launch of our partners’ products and services:

  • Finding potential clients
  • Promotion in other countries
  • Negotiations and agreements

Developing our own space tech solutions (in development)

  • Developing and fine tuning of IT solutions according to remote sensing customers’ needs
  • 3d printing
  • IoT solutions

Smart Money - Startup Studio

  • Pre-seed and seed funding of space tech startups
  • Supplementing the startup team with entrepreneurial and business competencies > Helping to overcome the startup “Valley of Death”
  • Industries: space tech + technology that may be later integrated with space tech, such as energy, sustainability


Our vision of the future

In 20 years, we’ll take space as a matter of course, like we do with credit card payments today. Flights to near-earth orbit, a weekend getaway in a space hotel, asteroid mining, construction in space and on other planets, interplanetary travel. This industry is taking shape today, and we see huge potential and future in spacetech

Government and Sustainability
Oil&Gas, Mining Industry
Security and Defense

Our goal

To create a pool of technologies for shaping and further developing the in-space industry

More about the company

Our value for partners

High efficiency
Entrepreneurial competencies
Global collaboration