The space industry is at a tipping point right now. Private companies are starting to compete with public corporations and offer more efficient solutions for the space industry.

Reducing the cost of launching a payload into orbit also opens up new opportunities for private spaceflight companies.

We understand that in the next 10-20 years, a completely new in-space industry will be formed with new players, tasks, and technologies.

Artyom Slessarenko
CEO, Founder

Our value for partners

High efficiency
Entrepreneurial competencies
Global collaboration

Our mission

We stand for the development of private spaceflight and the development of space technologies. We believe that the industry growth is only possible through the co-operation and collaboration of players from different countries. The time has passed when everyone did everything themselves. Free space can only be built by joint efforts.

Why us

Our main focus is to accelerate the process of entering the global market for local teams, startups, and technologies.

Our help to


  • Smart Money
  • Accelerate development and production
  • Find clients in the global market
  • Spacetech cluster Astana Hub


We help investors find interesting projects and deals that we are part of, as well as other potential projects that we see on the market.