For startups

3 key points

Strengthening a startup with entrepreneurial and business competencies
Global Collaboration
Smart Money

Startup problems

A founder spends 70% of their time looking for an investment instead of working on their product or with their clients
Lack of entrepreneurial and business competencies in the team leads to too many mistakes being made, not enough attention being paid to the real needs of customers and interaction with them, and the process not being effective

What we do

We look for or create startups
We bring them to the global market
We work as partners

Strengthening a startup with entrepreneurial and business competencies

  • Product analysis
  • Analysis of project deficits
  • Business model analyzing and reinventing
  • MPF (Market/Product fit)
  • Assistance in fine tuning a product to meet customer needs
  • Project Management
  • Assistance in optimizing the manufacturing process
  • Finding clients and sales
  • Consulting for negotiations or conducting negotiations
  • Integration with other products/technologies


  • Seed funding for projects
  • Developing a strategy for the subsequent rounds - Increasing the startup value now and down the road
  • Project roadmap
  • Roadmap for investors
  • Attracting investors on subsequent stages
  • Deal structuring

Global Collaboration

  • Assistance in finding partners and selling products/services in the global market
  • Finding resources from scientists, technologies, contractors in the global labor distribution system, negotiating with them
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